Pickles is a story centered of family dinner mishaps that is told from an immersive perspective. I have reconstructed the storyboarding phase of animation in order to accommodate virtual reality film. The medium poses several narrative challenges: storytellers used to working within the confines of a screen find themselves working in a borderless space without the traditional conventions of framing shots. I experimented with driving the story through character acting, spatialized audio, and environmental cues. I also studied the softwares currently supporting 360 video, audio, and panoramic drawing to create my own pipeline for developing this content.
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Here is my test 360 video of the kitchen environment, viewable through YouTube 360:
In this video I am exploring one of the frames, as a viewer would:
Below, you can see the process I am using to make the animatic. I am drawing directly onto a wrapped panoramic image in Photoshop 3D.  
Viewing the panorama in the unwrapped mode, I can edit the timing for the animatic. 
Character and environment sketches
Isometric Thumnails
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