In creating this piece, I sought to explore the reality of a resort town poisoning its waters in order to increase the enjoyment of human visitors, but ending up destroying the natural beauty they sought to enjoy. I borrowed from extreme vegan imagery and children's cartoons in order to create a surrealist, dreamlike environment.
"Can we suppose that poisons we introduce into water will not also enter into these cycles of nature?
The answer is to be found in the amazing history of Clear Lake, California. Clear Lake lies in mountainous country some 90 miles north of San Francisco and has long been popular with anglers. The name is inappropriate, for actually it is a rather turbid lake because of the soft black ooze that covers its shallow bottom. Unfortunately for the fishermen and the resort dwellers on its shores, its waters have provided an ideal habitat for a small gnat, Chaoborus astictopus. ....human beings who shared its habitat found it annoying because of its sheer numbers. Efforts were made to control it but they were largely fruitless until, in the late 1940s, the chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides offered new weapons. The chemical chosen for a fresh attack was DDD, a close relative of DDT but apparently offering fewer threats to fish life...
he following winter months brought the first intimation that other life was affected: the western grebes on the lake began to die, and soon more than a hundred of them were reported dead."
-"Surface Water and Underground Seas", Silent Spring, Rachel Carson

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